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Check out this video on the services that the Salvation Army offers to our community and any communities going through a disaster. The Merrill Area United Way supports the Salvation Army with your dollars through their allocation donations to local services.

Our lives are built around certain expectations.  During the winter we expect the highways and the street roads to be plowed.  We expect the utilities to provide energy for heat in the winter, and cool in the summer.  We expect our refuse to be picked up at curbside, or by a private provider.  If we are sick, we expect doctors to help us. This list goes on forever.  But not all people can have such expectations.  There are people in our community that have no expectations, or limited expectations.  Sometimes it is because they are unable to cover the costs of some of the most basic needs in their lives.  Others, because of life choices they have made.


 The community cannot be held responsible to ensure that everyone’s expectations are met, but we certainly can get engaged to help improve those expectations for others.  We have all fallen short of our own expectations at one point or another.  The Merrill Area United Way felt that pang a little during this recent fall campaign.  Although multiple efforts were made to try to reach our goal, we didn’t meet our expectations.  The ripple effects of all that has an impact on our local organizations and the 20 agencies we serve and assist with their funding needs.


That is why the agencies carry out the important work they do each day.​

United Way is driven to make a positive difference in the Merrill area. To donate send checks to Merrill Area United Way, at P. O. Box 813, Merrill 54452. Or donate through Pay Pal on this website. For further information email us at; or call our part‐time office at 715‐536‐2016.

Merrill Area United Way

Non-Discrimination Policy –Board Adopted in 2013


The Merrill Area United Way is an organization that exists to assist the Merrill area in addressing the key impact areas of health, education and basic needs identified by United Way Worldwide, as well as community impact issues that are in the purview of the United Way organization. United Way does not discriminate, exclude, restrict or deny any person from supporting the local United Way or participating in its activities because of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, or military/veteran status.  The Merrill Area United Way strives to be open, welcoming and helpful at all times to persons who engage with this organization.

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