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Engage in your Community

Living United In Merrill

Look around and you will find people who are in need of a helping hand to get them through some tough times. By Living United you can make a difference in the lives of others, people you know and many you don’t know. Join those who Live United by volunteering their time and talents, advocating on behalf of others and giving. Your financial contribution will go toward direct support for local people who have immediate needs, as well as helping with long-term strategies to prevent problems from developing.


When you invest your time through volunteering, you become a critical part of the solution to the challenges our community faces. Neighbors right here in the Merrill area need our help. Get involved in one of many programs to assist people, like the Merrill Food Pantry, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, HAVEN, MAC Home (homeless shelter), helping senior citizens, and Merrill Forward Together.


Whoever you are, wherever you are in life you can Find Your Voice to Advocate for positive change in people’s lives. When you advocate you speak out and inform others about the issues facing our community. Don’t be silent. Recognize that you can help influence positive change.


Give what you can. If you can give $1.00 per week, that’s $52.00 a year. Through United Way, that can make a huge difference in our support for the 20 agency programs that drive improvements for people. The United Way Board is very conscientious about the allocations made to the agencies which administer programs that some people just couldn’t live without. Open your heart and give as much as possible and we will insure that your dollars are used in a positive way toward meaningful impact when neighbors need help.

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