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2022 - 2023

MAUW Board of Directors:


Executive Committee -

Mike Ravn, President

Stacy Stevens, 1st VP

, 2nd VP

Brian Richards, Treasurer

Jane Dehnel, Secretary

Maria Brickner, Past President 

Joe Breaman, II

Leah Burbach

David Johnson

Nancy Kwiesielewicz

Shannon Murray

Laura Clabots-Forester

Mandi Klocknow

Lynn Kautza

Jamie Koch

Christina Lammerding

Clyde Nelson

Susan Ryman

Tom Zentner

Mark Zulliger



Dee Olsen, Executive Director


Living United in Merrill -
                         FUNDS SUPPORT LOCAL PROGRAMS
                                                           WHEN NEIGHBORS NEED HELP

Like many of you we had to make sure every dollar is doing the most good.  The United Way invests in programs that impact change in people's lives.  All funding decisions are made by your friends, and neighbors who volunteer on our committees and board.  By focusing on education, income and health--the building blocks for a better life--we can create a community where people have opportunities to succeed.


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